ID-10013299In the nationwide French research (EPI3 cohort study) conducted at the University of Bordeaux, 6379 patients with musculoskeletal conditions, upper respiratory tract infection, sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression were included and divided into different cohorts. The study compared clinical benefit, medical care and medication, adverse effects, and loss of therapeutic opportunity. The outcomes were similar between groups, but patients who attended homeopathic physicians consumed about half the amount of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The upper respiratory tract infection cohort of EPI3 yielded a similar result, with reduced use of antibiotics. Patients who chose homeopathy in the musculoskeletal cohort had healthier lifestyles, higher levels of education and more motivation for self-care but had more chronic disease than patients attending conventional physicians. Similarly, more positive outcomes were recorded from multinational French, Swiss and German studies. On the other hand, when homeopathy replaced other effective therapies, it caused harm even if it had a placebo effect on the patients. What are your thoughts about this research? Have you ever used or recommended homeopathy before?

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