Recently, a more resistant forms of TB have emerged. Even though TB is considered an eradicated disease in some countries, the death toll from TB is still high in other. The emergence of a more resistant strains of the TB bacteria to the known 1st and 2nd line agents is a worldwide health risk, and it adds more complexity to an already complicated treatment regimen. Thus, the urgent need for a new anti-TB agent that carries activity against the resistant strains led the investigators at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne to a promising new finding. They reported that the well known proton pump inhibitor (PPI) lansoprazole, which is used for gastric, duodenal ulcers and GERD, could carry an anti TB activity. Findings were reported in the journal of Nature Communications. Would a widely available over-the-counter drug fit in the long list of tuberculosis treatment options?

For additional information please visit the journal of Nature Communications.

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