ID-10030012A panel of experts assembled by the FDA has set back Swedish Match’s bid to be the first in the United States to advertise weaker warnings on it tobacco product, Snus. Snus is moist ground tobacco in a sachet meant to be tucked between the lip and the gum. According to the panel, the proposed label did not fully communicate the health risks. Swedish Match claims that Snus is less harmful than cigarettes, so their product label should be allowed to display the weaker warnings. To this claim, the panel is requiring more studies to be conducted before they could allow such a change to be applied to a product containing tobacco. The research that has been conducted thus far did not eliminate questions regarding the health risks associated with pregnancy and the environmental impact of the disposal of the sachets. Although the panel is assembled by the FDA, the FDA is not required to take its advice and has until June to make a final decision in regards to Swedish Match’s application. What are your thoughts about a tobacco product potentially displaying a weaker warning?

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