ID-10043040An update from the Food and Drug Administration published in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that pens containing multiple doses of antidiabetic medications for injections must now attach a warning label that says, “For single patient use only.” This warning will also be included in medication guides, package inserts, and instructions for use. These antidiabetic pens are meant to be used multiple times by one patient, requiring a new needle for each administration. The FDA stated that they have learned thousands of patients who are potentially infected with blood transmitted diseases from sharing these antidiabetic agents, however, there have been no confirmed cases of disease transmission. This simple warning label may seem obvious to those in the medical field, so it may not be brought up during patient discussions. How often do you consult patients on the proper administration of antidiabetic agents in multiple dose pens? Do you warn your patients against sharing such devices?

For more information, see JAMA.

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