ID-10072097This week, an international public health and public policy team published a three-paper series in The Lancet in which they discuss a new campaign in the fight against tobacco-smoking. This group of experts hopes to create a tobacco-free world, defined as less than 5% of the world’s adult population using tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco), by the year 2040. They are calling for global support in their efforts to achieve this as they believe it will prevent hundreds of millions of deaths in the remainder of this century alone. Tobacco-smoking has become an increasingly global concern involving middle and low-income countries. For roughly a decade, The World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) has been working on this problem but it is believed that they alone cannot influence countries worldwide to set goals to end smoking and cannot stop the tobacco industries’ pursuit of new, potentially lifelong customers. Do you think a tobacco-free world is feasible by the year 2040? What available pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches can be employed to quit smoking?

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