ID-10061252The FDA just approved Pfizer’s highly anticipated new drug for the treatment of breast cancer. Ibrance, also known as palbociclib, was approved for previously untreated postmenopausal women whose cancer cells have receptors to the female hormone estrogen and do not have mutations in the HER-2 gene that can contribute to uncontrolled growth of breast cells. This new mechanism of action blocks two enzymes involved in cell division, CDK4 and CDK6. This drug is intended to be used in combination with another cancer drug known as letrozole.The FDA granted the drug accelerated approval based on a 165-patient study showing that it slowed the progression of breast cancer. Experts estimate Ibrance could generate annual sales of $3 billion by 2020 and has the potential to become a new standard of care for advanced breast cancer. What are your thoughts?

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