In a new research conducted on 1,ID-10018861240 patients at the University of Pennsylvania was published in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine Journal. It shows that taking a blood test could give smokers the best option to quit smoking. Doing these blood tests can measure how quickly a person breaks down nicotine, and could boost the chances of successfully quitting. Some scientists suggest people who break it down more quickly may crave cigarettes more and in turn find it harder to quit. During the study volunteers were placed on a nicotine patch, varenicline, or a placebo pill. Scientists found people who broke down nicotine at a normal rate had a better chance of quitting while using varenicline than those using nicotine replacement patches. Meanwhile, volunteers who broke nicotine down more slowly had similar success rates in whichever method they used, though they reported more side-effects with the varenicline. How do you feel about this example of personalized medicine? Do you believe that most smokers interested in increasing their chance of quitting successfully would agree to get this blood test?

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