errorIn a new study, researchers reviewed the reported medication errors from 2002 to 2012 in children less than 6 years of age. Data obtained from the National Poison Database System found that on average, 63,358 children experience some sort of medication error each year. The same medication being given twice accounted for one quarter of the errors and was most commonly an analgesic, such as aspirin. The second most common medication errors regarded cough and cold medicines and allergy medicines. However, researchers saw a decrease in the number of cough and cold medication errors, which is most likely a result of the efforts to decrease the use of these agents in this age group. This study is a good reminder that practitioners and parents should focus solely on the task at hand while dispensing medication to children to ensure they are providing the correct medication and dose. What measures do you take in your practice to ensure that you are giving the correct medication and dosage to a young child? What counseling tips do you have for parents regarding this manner?


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