yoga-pose-shows-feel-posture-and-feeling-100281567According to a new study published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine, practicing a single yoga pose for one to two minutes a day for multiple days a week can greatly improve spinal curvature. There are currently 25 recommended yoga poses for scoliosis from the National Scoliosis Foundation. One group of children, ages 10-18, experienced a 49.2% improvement from practicing the side plank pose on their weaker side four times a week.  For some, especially children, this may be a great alternative or a helpful addition to the more unappealing treatments available, such as back braces or even surgery. On average, practicing this pose gave patients a 32% reduction in their spinal curvature. Larger studies must be conducted to confirm these findings, but this may be exciting news to the 2-3% of Americans who currently suffer from scoliosis. What other non-invasive therapies do you feel comfortable recommending to your patients with scoliosis?


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