3d-image-ebola-alert-concept-100286442Ebola outbreak in West Africa is responsible for the lives of more than 2800 individuals, and unless controlled in the near future could affect another 20,000. Three pharmaceutical companies, Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Sarepta and Tekmira, are currently testing several potential treatments. The Wellcome Trust, a global charity foundation based in UK will fund $5.25 million to support clinical trials with some of the experimental drugs from these companies to treat the patients with the symptoms. The foundation is relying on WHO to determine what experimental treatment will be tested based on efficacy, safety, ease of manufacturing, and other parameters. These trials might provoke some controversy considering the urgency of the situation and lack of knowledge of the experimental agents.  What are your thoughts about this controversy?  What additional actions should be taken?

For additional information, please see Reuters.

“Image courtesy of [David Castillo Dominci]/FreeDigitalPhotos.net”