image001Researchers have been discussing new reports of rare ‘polio-like’ disease at the recent meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.  The US is polio free and according to the Global vaccination programmes only three countries are still having polio as an endemic including Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.  Up to 20 people, however, have been infected with a polio-like disease in the past 18 months in California, mostly children. Enterovirus-86 is related to poliovirus and cold and was found in five cases of children who were infected and have been previously vaccinated against polio. Symptoms were ranging from severe weakness in both legs/arms, less severe form of restricted movement in one limb to no symptoms at all. Parents must see the doctor right away if any symptoms of paralysis are noticed in their children. What are your thoughts on this new ‘polio-like’ disease?  How comfortable are you educating parents of your pediatric patients about vaccinations?

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