ID-10041609The FDA is to reassess the safety of testosterone products in consideration of recent studies. A trial published in 2012 revealed that men over the age of 40 with low testosterone who were treated with testosterone were less likely to die than their counterparts treated with placebo. In a report available this year documented that treatment with testosterone causes an increase in CV risk in men over age 65 and younger men with a history of heart disease. In the past ten years testosterone use has increased four-fold by men age 40 and older. This is due to it being exceedingly endorsed as a seamless remedy for “Low T”, a diagnosis with symptoms described as low energy, low sex-drive and depression in middle-aged men. Testosterone is FDA approved for the treatment of low testosterone levels, but recently physicians have been prescribing it for men with normal hormone levels.

How has this trend towards increased testostone prescribing changed your practice? Do patients ask for it more often? Do you prescribe/dispense it more often?

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