m_137_copyThe Centers forDiseaseControl predicts that over 2 million people every year will get infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria of which 23,000 will lead to death. A comprehensive analysis warns that antibiotic overuse is the main culprit thus advising people only to take antibiotics when absolutely necessary. The CDC believes increasing resistance is also due to antibiotic use in food and animals and cautions against those. The CDC reports an assessment of 18 bacteria- and antibiotic-related illnesses has been broken down into three categories: urgent, serious and concerning based on the pathogen’s clinical impact, transmissibility, current and projected incidence, and the availability of effective therapeutics. Have you noticed a rise in these specific antibiotic-resistant pathogens in your practice? What are some of the steps that you take in your practice to prevent/diminish antibiotic resistance?

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Image courtesy of [renjith krishnan] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net