Man_thinking_about_a_problem_ppVitamin D receptor (VDR) has many functions in the human body and plays roles in bone mineral homeostasis, detoxification, cancer prevention, and hair cycling. A new study published in Molecular Endocrinology also suggests that VDR can acts as a toggle switch in determining whether a fatty cell is going to be a white or a brown one. White fatty cells are responsible for storing energy, while the brown ones are responsible for burning energy. It is still not very clear how exactly this happens. The amount of vitamin intake had no effect on this function of the receptor. Researchers are working on the development of a new obesity medication. The proposed mechanism of action of this drug is to prevent VDR from blocking the development of brown fat without affecting its other function. This exciting discovery might lead to a significant change in obesity treatment. Have you tried recommending vitamin D for weight loss for your patients? What are your typical recommendations?

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