In late 2012,Australia was the first country toimplementand sign a law forplain packaging and significant health warning labels on all of its tobacco products. In a recent study published in BMJ Open , smokers of both branded and new plain-label cigarettes were surveyed on their satisfaction and perceived quality of their cigarettes compared to 1 year ago.  The study showed that plain-label smokers, were less satisfied with their cigarettes, were more likely to perceive their cigarettes as being of lower quality, reported increased thoughts of quitting, and ranked quitting a higher priority in their lives,compared to branded label smokers.  This study offerspreliminary data that this law is changing the perceptions and attitudes of adult smokers, however similarplans regarding tobacco health warnings/packagingin the United States and Great Britain are on hold.How can we as healthcare providers support plans that can help our smoking cessation programs?

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