_MG_1342A study published in the journal Stress and Health has shown that meditation and art therapy may reduce stress and anxiety in breast cancer patients.  Eighteen participants were assigned to an education course or Mindfulness-based Art Therapy (MBAT) consisting of mindful yoga, awareness of breathing, awareness of emotion, and expressive art for 8 weeks.  The patients enrolled in this study had been diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months- 3 years before the study and were not in active treatment.  Participants completed a 90 item symptom checklist at the beginning and end of the study and underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine changes in cerebral blood flow.  Patients in the MBAT group had cerebral blood flow changes in the left insula, amygdala, and hippocampus which deal with emotions and stress and experienced less stress and anxiety. How often do you recommend Mindfulness-based Art Therapy? What other recommendations do you make to your patients to decrease stress?

For more information, please read the article in Stress and Health.

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